LOK - Lofficina Olfactory Kosmetica

Located in Emilia Romagna in the heart of the historic center of Cesena, LOK - Lofficina Olfattiva Kosmetica is dedicated to artistic perfumery and the most refined and valuable cosmetics. To satisfy every beauty request we also offer a vast selection of handcrafted jewellery.

Thanks to the gender-free connotation of all our products, what LOK offers is a real sensorial experience. A journey in which everyone will be the center of attention: the sense of smell and the needs of your skin are studied and selected in a "tailored" and tailor-made way.
Niche, luxury, collectible and customizable perfumes and fragrances.
Bold, timeless blends, with characters that are sometimes experimental and innovative, sometimes classic but with a heart dedicated to continuous research and exclusivity.

Avant-garde cosmetics , products of the highest quality and with extreme and careful attention to their composition, highly effective, natural organic and organic ingredients.

Artisanal jewellery , precious materials handcrafted by high-profile companies and characterized by contemporary and exclusive designs.