TOP perfumes to give as gifts at Christmas!

8 products

    Fabulous fragrances, choose which one to give as a Christmas gift!

    Upon request, free of charge, LOK creates a high-quality gift package.

    8 products
    Habana 500 Limited Edition Extrait dp, 50ml
    Renier Perfumes
    from €19,90
    Red d'Amour edp, 100ml
    Laurent Mazzone
    from €13,90
    Sold Out
    Moon Bloom edp, 50ml
    Hiram Green
    from €10,90
    Quintessence edp, 100ml
    Manos Gerakinis
    from €13,90
    Dorasima edp, 100ml
    Pana Dora
    from €13,90
    Alexandria II edp 50ml
    from €18,00
    Ruby Red edp, 75ml
    The House of Oud
    from €11,90
    New York Intense extrait dp 100ml
    Fragrance du Bois
    from €13,50

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