Behique extrait dp, 50ml

Behique extrait dp, 50ml
Behique extrait dp, 50ml
Behique extrait dp, 50ml

Behique extrait dp, 50ml

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Behique is the most dreamlike of our extracts. He's the wizard of this collection! A fragrance completely inspired by the shaman of the Taino Indian tribes. A perfume for a man who masters the secrets of nature, it is the perfume of experience and wisdom! From its start we perceive a work of art that is not made to please the majority, here we do not feel extremely pleasant sweet notes that make the whole thing something commercial, because from the first minutes the intoxicating note of Cannabis and sage very well mixed with rum and a touch of magnolia they create the sensation of being in front of a serious, unique perfume, in front of a magician who will open the positive paths of our life and leave an unforgettable memory.

Just when the perfume begins to dry and gives way to the heart notes we realize how well anise is used in the composition. Creating a bridge between the notes mentioned and the robust and excellent heart based on cedar, parchouli and tobacco. It's not sweet tobacco, it's the smell of a shaman's tobacco when he begins to glimpse the future. The more subtly rum note is still present, but now rounded off with a subtle moist ground.

The base of the perfume is exquisite and during the days you can feel the accords of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver absolute touched by real amber. This is a perfume that you don't choose, the perfume chooses you!

Top: Rum, Basil, Magnolia, Cannabis, Tobacco Flower
Heart: Anise, Amber, Patchouli, Cedar, Cashmere Wood, Pepper
Base: Sandalwood, Haitian Vetyver, Tobacco

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