LOK at home Smart Box

LOK at home Smart Box

LOK at home Smart Box

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The Selection of 10 2ml Fragrances that make up the Soul of Lofficina Olfattiva Kosmetica in terms of Exclusivity, Quality, Niche.

10 Fragrances that you cannot fail to wear at least once in your life!

The offer is applicable on purchases from the website of 10 mini sizes of 2 ml, sprays, chosen by LOK among its Best Brands

LOK at home Smart Box costs €49.00 instead of €95.00 and entitles you to:
- immediate discount on the order of €46.00
- refund (via discount code) of the entire value of €49.00 if WITHIN 3 MONTHS you purchase one or more packs of perfume among the 10 received in the smart box.

Smart Box contains the following 2ml fragrances:

Black Oud or Hard Leather - Laurent Mazzone

Hummus or Apocalypstick - Mad et Len

Pink me up or Noir by Night - Atelier des Ors

Gold Rose Oud or Maremma - Tiziana Terenzi

Terror & Magnificence or Rake & Ruin - Beaufort London

Naxos or Accent - Xerjoff

Castiamanti or Garden of Hercules - Agatho Parfum

Reliqvia or Moderate Rain - Filippo Sorcinelli

Habana 500 or De Licious - Renier Perfumes

Oud Aquilaria or Belfiore - Oman Luxury

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