Pioggia Forte Extrait dp, 50ml

Pioggia Forte Extrait dp, 50ml

Pioggia Forte Extrait dp, 50ml

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Heavy rain, intense without being violent. Pioggia Forte by Filippo Sorcinelli is inspired by a rain that is a hymn to life and its strength. A rain that beats to the rhythm of the heart. A rain that invigorates and promises rebirth and change. "Pioggia Forte Extrait de Parfum" from the "Pioggia" series is part of the "Atmosphere d'emotion" collection. Between natural atmospheres and interior atmospheres, Pioggia Forte celebrates life by mixing sweet and floral notes with more woody ones, until it manifests deeper and more intimate notes such as amber and musk.

Top notes : gardenia, rose, geranium

Heart notes: cyclamen, marine note, musk

Base notes: benzoin, amber, vegetal musks, woody notes

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