Reliqvia Extrait dp, 100ml

Reliqvia Extrait dp, 100ml
Reliqvia Extrait dp, 100ml

Reliqvia Extrait dp, 100ml

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Filippo Sorcinelli's fragrance, after the tribute to Mario Giacomelli with "I have no hands that caress my face", returns to Senigallia to describe a simply extraordinary place, rich in history and works of art but a great custodian of important relics of the Passion of Christ: the church of the Cross, considered one of the jewels of Italian baroque. Reliqvia is the concrete trace, the last trace, to describe in life an existence above us, different and prodigious. It is the always closed wardrobe, the precious custody of the sacred men that makes us understand that time is precious and that it risks being consumed without leaving a clear furrow in life. Reliqvia is the nail of the Passion, stratified and peaty incense from the solemn and sacred years.

Head : Patchouli, Incense, Cashmere wood, Guaiac wood, Sandalwood
Heart : orange blossom, Scots pine, cloves, mastic, amyris
Base : Elemi, Sweet Orange, Blackcurrant, Nutmeg, Smoke Notes, Tobacco Leaves

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