Terror & Magnificence, 50ml

Terror & Magnificence, 50ml

Terror & Magnificence, 50ml

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Terror & Magnificence draws inspiration from the works of architect Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661-1736) whose prophetic structures penetrate the London landscape. Hawksmoor, called "the devil's architect", has always attracted interest for his characteristic churches, which have introduced elements of Egyptology into traditional settings.

These curious architectural details, along with his reputation as a Freemason, fostered the belief that he concealed symbolism in his works, and imbued his drawings with a sort of "terror and magnificence", in fact.

Contrasting darkness with invigorating complexity, the Pia Long nose combined vivid olfactory traces of the man, his works and his myth. Accords of Somali incense, dry woods and wet stone mixed with opium smoke, papyrus and kyphi, supported by a base of Haitian vetiver, labdanum, benzoin and myrrh resins. Nose Pia Long comments "the fragrance we created is as if it had always existed, as if we had materialized a myth from the ether". The product packaging brings to light a representation of Hawksmoor's famous work, Spitalfields Christ Church, east London.

Top : Saffron, Black Pepper, Birch Tar.

Heart : Somali incense, tobacco absolute, Kyphi accord, papyrus.

Base : Myrrh Resin, Benzoin Resin, Labdanum Absolute, Haitian Vetiver, Wet Stone Accord.

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